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Best Free antivirus apk for Android. Download version 2020

Using a free antivirus for Android is not strictly necessary if you do not install applications from unknown sources and only download them from the Google Play Store. Download better antivirus for Android that offers more than the main threat protection function, some additional functions to further justify the installation. Among these additional functions we can mention, the blocking in the case of theft for example or the blocking of calls, mail filtering, secure browsing, data backup , parental control, encryption for your android device or SD card, or also , VPN to navigate more secure.


Mobile devices have become a tool that integrates many of the digital actions that take place daily. The devices with Android operating system are the most in demand today, because it is a highly comfortable, intuitive operating system with a wide range of applications. That is precisely why they make it the target of attacks through different malwares. Download better antivirus for Android because today, it is the most used mobile operating system in the world , and it may also be the one that attempts to infect the most mobile devices as soon as there is an occasion.

Free antivirus apk for Android. Download best antivirus for Android

Google Play Protect is Google’s Android protection software through the Play Store . Antivirus apk for Android free, Play Protect analyzes the applications that we have installed or we want to install on our mobile devices with android system, in order and in search of some malicious app lock that can endanger the device. Play Protect, above all, is a preventive protection software , which analyzes the apps sent by the developers and also all the updates they launch for them. In this article we add to your knowledge some of the best antivirus apk software for protection available, for your Android device.

Free antivirus for Android.  Download best antivirus apk Android

What should you consider not to be subject to attacks?

Antivirus apk for Android free, and minimize the risk of digital attacks on your mobile devices, follow these tips:

  • It is recommended that you only visit secure websites.In case of receiving files from unknown senders, it is recommended not to open them.Avoid downloading applications from unofficial sites. It is recommended to obtain applications only from the Google Play Store.Download better antivirus for Android and enhance the security of your computers. This will be used to analyze your device and verify the behavior of applications based on the security of your information.

Free antivirus for Android. Download best antivirus apk for Android


Avast Mobile Security apk

The Avast development team has made an important place among users’ preferences with this free Android antivirus apk , when it comes to security against digital threats. To download better antivirus apk for Android, the program is available for free in the Play Store.

Currently, this security tool has deepened the detection of all types of threats, evaluating from the applications that are installed on your device, also monitoring the existing ones, as well as detecting threats that can be placed on web pages, calls, SMS messaging or even through your email.


Among the most outstanding features of this security application include:

  • New threat detection engineImproved utilization of RAM resourcesBuilt-in VPN for private browsingOptimization in battery usageShield application for threat evaluation on the webCall blocking, SMS messaging, applications and other threatsEvaluation of available Wi-Fi networks, as well as verification of their connection speed

McAfee Security apk 


This is another of the prestigious security software developers on the market that gave life to another free Android antivirus apk . His orientation towards the protection of his team has been increasing. It has created resources for the effective backup of the information they contain and thus prevent their theft.


In its new version, (link to download better antivirus apk for Android above) has incorporated an improved backup system that covers your SMS messaging and the support of the Contacts section of your mobile device. It has inserted a new monitoring system called ScanSearch, providing greater verification of all the content that is being processed by the equipment and thus avoiding the most frequent attacks, whether through the use of mobile data or through a Wi-Fi network.



Among the other notable features are:

  • Modernization in the Anti-Spyware apk system to avoid information theftIncorporation of a tracking system in case of theft or loss. For this, it has incorporated GPS tracking, incorporation of alarms remotely, among other features Antivirus apk application remotely, from the McAfee web portal and through an SMS messaging systemIn case of loss, you can also delete important information remotely from your mobile deviceIncorporation of a RAM booster, called Memory Booster to allow greater fluidity in the equipment

AVG AntiVirus apk Free

This protection software, free antivirus apk for Android, can be downloaded and installed for free as the name puts it, directly from the Google Play Store online store. As a user you will enjoy quality, having a good experience and at the same time protect your computer in a way that will only be surpassed by the full AVG Internet Security version, this if you do not consider paying for it.

Featured features of the application:

  • Scan applications, games or files being a dual engine antivirus apk in order to eliminate malicious contentAnalyze websites in order to find harmful threats (Android and Chrome browser)Analyze the Wi-Fi network for encryption and password strengthVPN protection: Protect your privacy onlineYou can deactivate using AVG, the options that consume more battery, to extend its duration.You can stop processes and tasks that slow down your deviceFree up storage space or clean unnecessary filesCheck the speed of the Wi-Fi network (download and upload)


This is another free Android Antivirus, one of the new programs in the security field. real time it has been improving its functionality, which has made it awarded in the area of ​​protection of Android devices.

Download best antivirus for Android and test the most relevant features that are the following: google maps

  • The incorporation of the AVL SDK threat search engine allows the detection of malicious content in APK, CAB, SIS, SISX files, as well as those hidden in runtime files such as EPOC, DEX, PE and ELF. The developers have enhanced the use of the system, increasing its efficiency, performance and energy savings, with the intention of making it lighter and making arrests faster.The insertion of a comprehensive mechanism for the evaluation of threats that are carried out automatically, in turn nourishes a signature base, which is easily updated and thus provides users with greater dynamism when detecting digital threats.

More free antivirus apk software for Android: AhnLab V3 Mobile Security, ESET Endpoint Security, Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Mobile Security, TrendMicro Mobile Security. This is all. This is the free antivirus guide for Android. Download best antivirus for Android.


By wanting to pass free online antivirus we want of course to be the best online antivirus. When browsing the web, we are always exposed to viruses, information theft or the hijacking of the device where we are connected. Therefore it is important to have a good antivirus always at hand, and thus avoid taking unnecessary risks.

We can name as a  free online antivirus apk a web page that has a search engine and is responsible for analyzing those files that we need to scan through one or more databases. You can thus easily have another opinion after the antivirus you use on your computer, about whether a file is clean and safe or hides something.

In this article about free online antivirus. Best online antivirus. Pass free online antivirus, you will find several platforms working as online antivirus that you can use for free to scan and protect your computer against any threat of those found on the web.

Free online antivirus. Best online antivirus. Pass antivirus online for free

Google Chrome Antivirus

This antivirus is already automatically integrated to the famous Google Chrome browser. If you wish to pass free online antivirus, you just have to type in the navigation bar the following address: chrome: // settings / cleanup and press “ Enter ”. Perhaps the best online antivirus, the Google Chrome Antivirus, will open a new tab and you will have to click on the “Search” button for the antivirus to start working and look for any harmful software.


With MetaDefender you can analyze files and scan IP addresses, URLs, domains, CVE, etc. Its interface is very intuitive, easy to use for you to access each of the types of analysis offered by this antivirus apk 

Kaspersky Virus Desk

mobile security download antivirus apk

If you want to pass free online antivirus a good free online antivirus and maybe better online antivirus Kaspersky Virus Desk is better valued by specialists, which also offers a web version to use for free. Your search engine is advanced and processes the data through own servers, letting your PC rest and not slow down during this process.

It will be the best option if you want to use your computer normally while the free online antivirus is working at the same time. Kaspersky Virus Desk has an excellent database that is also constantly updated, perfect so that you do not miss any threat.

Total Virus

This is one of the best online antivirus that exists and one of the most popular, all thanks to its huge database, which allows to detect if a file is dangerous or not before downloading it. You can also analyze URL and detect if any type of malware on a given website.

Read more about Antivirus online for free. Best online antivirus. Pass antivirus online for free. This antivirus has three main options: “File”, which allows you to upload files; “URL”, to analyze web browsing links; “SEARCH”, which allows searching while analyzing possible threats.  

As if that were not enough, with VirusTotal you can analyze a file of up to 256 megabytes and indicate that you send the thrown report to your email.

F-Secure Online Scanner

This is another free online antivirus and, most likely, the fastest. The advantage of F-Secure Online Scanner is the scan analysis time, since it takes less than a minute.

If you want to pass free online antivirus, it may be the best online antivirus however because it is one of the most basic, since it only offers the option of doing a full scan. Its interface is extremely simple for users, who quickly become familiar. You should keep in mind that it is only available for Windows users. To use F-Secure Online Scanner, you can enter the following portal .



It is a free online antivirus and very simple to use. Its interface is very friendly and allows you to scan a particular file. However, it has a limit of 20 megabytes for each file analyzed. You can also scan several files at once, you just have to compress them all in ZIP or RAR format. To use VirScan for free, you can click on the following address .

TrendMicro – HouseCall

Follow the guide on Antivirus online for free. Best online antivirus. Pass antivirus online for free. TrendMicro – HouseCall, is powerful, since it eliminates viruses, Trojans, worms, malware, etc. It is antivirus and antispyware at the same time. It performs a very fast and complete scan, capable of exploring all the crucial areas of your computer.

TrendMicro – HouseCall has an interface that is extremely intuitive. The best thing is that it has a state-of-the-art technology called Smart Protection Network, which deals with discovering recent dangers or threats. You can use TrendMicro – HouseCall for free by clicking on


Also a good free online antivirus, when passing free online antivirus. Best of all, it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Its analysis capacity is very complete, categorizing its results as “Critical”, “High” and “Medium”. In addition, it will explain how you can do to eliminate possible threats such as malware, viruses, etc.


Jotti is an excellent free antivirus with which you can analyze files in the cloud online. Its operation is very fast, since it takes about 15 seconds to upload the file and then analyze it.

There are many options when using a free online antivirus. In this article we have brought you the best options. We leave at your discretion which of these online antivirus you want to use in your day to day to protect your computer against the annoying viruses that can be found when browsing the Web or downloading a file. This is all. This is the free online antivirus guide. Best online antivirus. Pass antivirus online for free



Download Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky free Android and PC. Viruses, malware, data thefts, scams, all this exists today, so to safely carry out Internet browsing you have to use efficient security measures, such as those provided by Kaspersky Internet Security. Through this security software any user can count on effective and real-time protection for navigation.

Would you like to know more? Follow this guide on downloading Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky for free Android and PC. The software is developed by Kaspersky Lab a Russian company and is rather a set of programs, which once present on your device are responsible for protecting them against possible digital threats. When surfing the Internet it is essential to have a good antivirus that protects our device against the multiple threats on the web: malware, data theft, viruses, etc.

Follow this guide on downloading Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky for free Android and PC. In this sense, one of the most recognized antivirus worldwide is Kaspersky Internet Security. This provides protection against all possible threats while browsing in real time. Through this article you can download this security software and know more about it. 


Would you like to know more? Follow this guide on downloading Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky for free Android and PC. Monitor on your devices all the entry points of the operating system and keep them clean and safe. Kaspersky has an innovative detection technology, which acts against polymorphic viruses and macro viruses, in all types of files, including tablets, and all this in real time.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky free Android and PC

Kaspersky has a very simple interface that allows the user to have a pleasant experience and an intuitive and uncomplicated operation. In addition, it is recognized for its large database, which facilitates the detection of possible threats that may harm your computer or mobile phone.  

It is an antivirus that specializes mainly in the protection of the computer or Smartphone while you browse the Internet and, like other antivirus, it has scanning options and comprehensive system protection. Follow this guide on downloading Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky for free Android and PC.

To download Kaspersky Internet Security on your computer you can click on the link below and then follow the instructions of the installer.

In case you want to protect your mobile device with Android operating system with Kaspersky, you can download it easily and quickly from the Google Play Store.

mobile security & antivirus apk
mobile security & antivirus apk

Main features and functions of Kaspersky Internet Security

It offers maximum security against the large number of threats present when surfing the Internet, as it protects your money, privacy, photos, identity and any file on the different devices where you decide to install it.

It has innovative protection technologies, such as webcam protection, which prevents unauthorized access from third parties to the webcam of your PC. This prevents unscrupulous people from spying on you and your surroundings. Follow this guide on downloading Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky for free Android and PC.

Completely eliminate unwanted files, preventing any remaining records on the PC that can be used in the future to recover those files.

Protect your money when making online purchases or banking operations thanks to its “Secure Payment” technology, which automatically adds an extra level of security when performing some of these operations, thus preventing scammers from stealing your money, numbers of your credit card, etc.

It has anti-phishing functions that protect your documents and identity against hackers. One of these functions is the password manager, which will help you create, protect and manage the keys of all your online accounts and websites of your choice. Follow this guide on downloading Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky for free Android and PC.

With Kaspersky Internet Security you can make a backup in the cloud and, thus, back up your most precious photos, videos, music and most valuable files. With this support you can also share these files or access them from any of the devices you have.

Kaspersky provides its users with excellent parental control so that they can protect their children against risks while surfing the Internet. In this sense, you can block inappropriate content, control access to social networks or games, avoid online shopping, etc. Follow this guide on downloading Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky for free Android and PC.

This antivirus will allow you to remotely manage the security of all your devices. To do this, you must register in “My Kaspersky account” and from there you can check the security status or activate specific security functions on your devices in real time.

Kaspersky protection allows the optimal operation of all your devices, since their security technologies work in the background, which avoids slowing down the normal operation of these devices.

It has a device scanner function, with four types of scans: full, fast, specific (only previously selected folders and files) and external (for external devices such as USB sticks, portable hard drives, etc.). Follow this guide on downloading Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky for free Android and PC.

Kaspersky is available for any device: Windows PC, Mac or Android smartphones and iPhone.

Kaspersky Internet Security is an excellent antivirus, as it offers great versatility and reliability when it comes to protecting the devices on which it is installed, all in order to protect the valuable information of its users against the multiple threats to which they are exposed while surfing the net. Dare to download it and enjoy all its benefits. This is all. This is the guide on downloading Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus Kaspersky for free Android and PC.

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