Combination Samsung J7 prime G610M U1,U2,U3,U4

Free Download Combination G610M Samsung J7 Prime

how to remove frp and fix any problem  combination G610M samsung galaxy J7 prime G610M U1,U2,U3,U4 AND FIRMWARE SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 prime G610M Stock ROM

FIX HANG ON LOGO REPAIR DRK , fix restar only on recovery mode

Combination Samsung J7 prime G610M U1,U2,U3,U4

STEP Download to your PC: Odin  . and install driver USB samsung galaxy G610M Samsung J7 Prime
Next, download and unzip the firmware file INSTALL DRIVER .
You need 1 (Select 1 firmware file here) or 4 (Select 4 firmware file here) files for firmware

Add all files to Odin

Now turn off the device and enter the “Download” mode.

Next, connect to the computer, the Odin program should determine your device and the “COM port number” will appear on the screen.


Download Firmware 4 Files G610M U6 Android 8.1.0


Download Firmware 4 Files G610M U4 Android 8.1.0


Samsung combination G610M J7 prime

In this contribution I leave the combination file G610M all the security binaries that are in this mobile device.

All these files must be passed with the odin tool or the z3x box itself.

Samsung combination G610M bit 1 U1


Samsung combination G610M bit 2 U2


Samsung combination G610M bit 3 U3


Samsung combination G610M bit 4 U4


password: windows4droid

How to remove MDM  G610M Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Remove MDM G610M binary 4 samsung J7

I leave you how to do unlock payjoy MDM Remove G610M bit 4 for when you have access to download mode.

How to remove payjoy 2019 j7 prime or to remove rental lockout from phone companies.

Download MDM G610M Binary 4


How to Repair imei samsung G610M U5 binary 5

Repair imei G610M bit 5 with the chimera tool software.
First pass this flash:

PDA / AP version G610MUBS5CSD1
CSC version G610MCOM5CSD1
MODEM / CP version G610MUBS5CSD1
Region COM – Colombia
Release date 2019-04-03
List of changes 14381225
SW Airing
OS version 8.1.0

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repair without root eye without root then pass the following twrp and format data


Then pass the rmm


and magisk either otg or sd no problem


Something important is to start the cell phone without being connected to the PC or they will be restarted constantly

and we can patch without problems

This process can also be done repair imei g610m bit 5 with z3x for those who do not have a chimney.

How to Root J7 Prime G610M Android 8.1 u4 Binary 4

Root J7 Prime G610M to repair imei

Root J7 Prime G610M so you can use it to repair imei without problems.

Just flash the TWRP and then the file by Sideload

100% Tested with the G610MUBS4CSB4 Trinidad and Tobago Firmware downloaded from Sammobile

Root G610M free download

Download Root Binary 4

Firmware pre root samsung G610m Bit 5 U5

Pre-root G610M Binary 5 Firmware with the root already included we only have to flash with odin to repair imei with chimera tool or z3x.

Download Firmware pre root G610m binary 5


Root for G610M Binary 6 Android 8.1.0

Root G610M Binary 6 to repair imei or any other operation at the software level.The g610m bit 6 root file must be placed in the AP with either odin or the z3x box, once restart update the magisk apk.

Details of root G610M Bit 6

Brand: samsung
Model: g610m
File: root
Server: mega
Weight: 18.4MB
Price: free
Tool: odin

Download root G610M U6


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