Free Download Firmware iPhone 11 Pro Max (17F75) iOS 13.5

Free Download Firmware iPhone 11 Pro Max (17F75) iOS 13.5

Download Rom iPhone 11 Pro Max Firmware iPhone 11 Pro Max (17F75) Free Download Firmware iPhone 11 Pro Max (17F75) iOS 13.5


In general, this  version of iOS 13.5 works surprisingly stable and is not oversaturated with some incredible amount of bugs. All full-time programs function approximately as intended.

That is, there are no sudden crashes, fonts do not move out, everything is smooth and smooth. Sometimes microfreezes only appear when opening the Settings. But this is not critical. I did not notice global files.

But small flaws are still enough. For example, font problems iPhone 11 Pro Max on some sites . They are different from the ones we are used to. Even in the text editor where I am writing this text, strange gaps between the letters appeared and the style of the fonts changed.

Regarding autonomy, it is too early to draw any conclusions. But while my iPhone 11 pro  is clearly working longer than before. If earlier I removed it from charging at 9 a.m., at 15 p.m. after active use it was already 20%, now I have 35% and the time is 16:00. Not bad for the first beta, huh?

Copying does not always work without jambs. Periodically, the text may not be inserted, it does not even offer an option. Some may not like this.

Some users complain about randomly falling off Bluetooth for about 15 seconds. Plus rare springs (reboots) are possible, but this is normal for the  version (17F75) iOS 13.5 iPhone 11 Pro Max .

But with Face ID, a huge difference is directly noticeable. If earlier it worked a little slowly, now I don’t even have time to reach the unlock, and the scanner already counted my face. Apple has not fooled, there really is a gain. Now Face ID is lightning!

The dark theme on OLED screens does not cause eye pain: it is uniform and balanced, and the black color is really black! Not gray, not dark blue, but just black.


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update iphone 11 pro


how to install update Firmware iPhone 11 Pro Max (17F75) iOS 13.5



Device Preparation

Before installing a new version of the operating system, it is recommended to backup the device. This is necessary in case something goes wrong during the installation, or you decide to roll back to iOS 12. Many complain that the firmware does not get up the first time.

And remember: iPhone 11 Pro Max

iOS 13 beta backup is not compatible with iOS 12.3 and below.

On the device itself

Step 1 . Go to Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Backup.

Step 2 . Turn on the iCloud backup toggle switch and wait for the completion.

Via iTunes

Step 1 . We connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer via wire and open iTunes.

Step 2 . Go to the top of the program to the section with your device.

Step 3 . In the Automatically create copies section, select This computer .

Step 4 . Click Create backup now and wait for the backup to finish.

That’s all, we are prepared for a bad outcome.


Release Date : 20th May 2020

Upload Date  :14th May 2020



Filesize  : 4.9 GB

Identifier :  iPhone12,5

Free Download Firmware iPhone 11 Pro Max (17F75) iOS 13.5

Download  : iPhone 11 Pro Max (17F75


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