Remove frp P20 lite

Free methode remove frp huawei 7x latest security

  1. First you need to turn off the phone and insert a SIM card if it is not in your phone.
  2. When you turn on the phone, click on the emergency call, dial the number * # * # 6130 # * # * and go to the PHONE INFORMATION , select the SIM card slot into which you inserted the SIM card.
  3. Next, click THREE DOTS from the top right and see the menu, in this menu click on VIEW ADDRESS BOOK ON SIM-CARD , after clicking we see a list of contacts that are stored on your SIM card.
  4. On this page, click on THREE DOTS FROM TOP RIGHT again and in the drop-down menu, click on ADD CONTACT TO SIM CARD .
  5. We enter something into the empty fields, it does not matter much, after we have entered the data, click SAVE  number.
  6. After saving, the message CONTACT SAVED TO SIM CARD will appear  – click OK .
  7. In the menu with contacts we find the contact you saved, click on it and hold until the pop-up menu appears, here you need to click SEND SMS .
  8. Now we got to the message sending page. In the field where you want to enter the message text, enter anything and click send.
  9. Next, we press and hold on the sent message until a pop-up menu appears where there will be functions COPY, FORWARD DELETE and to the right of THREE DOTS , here you need to click on THREE DOTS . After clicking on THREE DOTS a new menu will appear where we click on the inscription MORE .
  10. After you clicked on the inscription MORE , another menu will appear at the bottom in which we click again on THREE DOTS .
  11. A pop-up menu has appeared on half the display, in this menu we click on the second item SEND .
  12. At this stage, a list of applications should appear through which you can send our sms. We need to select the Gmail application .
  13. In Gmail, you need to add a mailbox, preferably Yandex Mail ( it is exactly obtained with it ), after adding an account you need to return to the 9th INSTRUCTION POINT  by pressing the BACK button .
  14. At this stage, you should be in the SMS sending menu in which we repeat from the 9th item to the 12th .
  15. As soon as you clicked on the Gmail application in paragraph 12 , the menu for sending email appears. In this you need to click on THREE DOTS from the top right, a pop-up menu will appear where you need to click on the SETTINGS item , then look again from the top right,  press again  THREE DOTS a menu will appear where you need to select ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT ., After clicking a warning appears that the SETTINGS application opens , naturally click to the CONTINUE button , and after that all settings of the phone with full access will open.

Further, in principle, everything is clear, for this I will not describe.

By reading my instructions and watching this video, you too can win this important competition with the international corporation GOOGLE.


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