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Honor 10 (COL-L29). EMUI 9.1.0. FRP Google Account Bypass, Android 9

On Honor 10, the Method with Safe Mode works on firmware version . If the firmware is


higher than, then it will be necessary to lower the firmware version. To check which version of Emui is installed on your device, do the following: 1) Turn on your phone 

2) On the welcome screen, press the “emergency calls” button and type the command * # * # 1357946 # * # *
3a) If you get to the next full-fledged window, the Emui version will be written on the first line, in this window the version is not may be higher than 9.0.1. In this case, the method through Safe Mode will not work.
3b) If after entering the command * # * # 1357946 # * # *, at the bottom of the screen, in a small pop-up window, the message “Unlock the device to continue” appears, then you have installed EMUI 9.1.0 ….
4) Turn off the phone
5) We connect the phone to a charger connected to the power supply, or to a computer or laptop using a usb cable.
6) On the phone off, with the charger connected to the network, hold down the volume button and simultaneously the power button and hold the power button.
7) As soon as the screen lights up, release the power button and continue to hold the volume button
8) We get into eRecovery mode, release the volume + button, and disconnect the USB cable
9) Press the blue button “Download latest version and recovery” then click “Download recovery “
10) Connect the phone to an available Wi-fi network and click” Connect “. The firmware download will begin
11a) If you see the firmware version being downloaded above, you will need to lower the firmware version to (see how to do this starting from the 33rd item at the end of the instruction)
11b) If you see the version of the downloaded firmware, then continue to download this firmware. Immediately, after the firmware version, the region of your device will be indicated in brackets, for example (C10 ……)
12) Upon completion of the firmware download, verification of the downloaded “Verifying package” files will begin
13) Next, the installation of Recovery will begin
14) After the installation of Recovery is complete, the inscription “Recovery Success” will appear
15) We press the “Reboot” button
16) We are waiting for the device to boot
17) After the device has finished loading, we again go to the welcome screen with a choice of language
18) Turn off the phone
19) Go to eRecovery mode again (points 5 , 6,7,8 of this instruction)
20) Use the volume buttons down to go to the item “Wipe data / Factory Reset” and confirm the selection with the power button (or just select this menu item by clicking on it)
21) A keyboard will appear. We write the word “yes” (without quotes) and
click “Factory Reset” 22) Next, click “Wipe data / Factory Reset
23) Reset the device to factory settings
24) After resetting, click the” Safe Mode “button that appears below.
25) The phone will reboot to the desktop in security mode (hereinafter, in the video instruction (link to the video in paragraph 31)
26) After you get to the desktop in safe mode,
27) After resetting the settings, we go through the initial setup process of the device and get to the desktop.
28) Reboot the phone.
29) Profit!))) The phone is completely untied from your Google account and ready to use, as if you just purchased a new phone in a communication salon!))
30) Put and subscribe to my channel (link below)
31) Link to video instruction on my channel (Maxim Timokhin):
Honor 10 Lite frp 9.1

32) I express my gratitude to Mikhail Plyusko for help and cooperation !;)

33) In order to downgrade the firmware to version
a) Go to the website  https://frpdone.com/?s=honor+10
b) Searching for the desired firmware ( for Honor 10.
c) Look for exactly the 325 version for your region !!! If you have a phone with the C10 region, then download the Firmware specifically for the C10 region.

Link to the Firmware on my Google drive:

For the region C10 – Russia us us india

EMUI (C10 …):

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-NfZMz … p = drivesdk

g) Download firmware on the desktop of your computer.
e) Unzip the archive to the desktop of your computer.
f) Open the unpacked folder, inside there will be two more folders, one of them called “Software”. Open this folder and copy from it a folder called “dload” to the root of a high-quality USB Flash drive (Kingston flash drive for example), that is, open the flash drive and immediately copy the “dload” folder into it, do not copy it to other folders, since the phone just doesn’t will see the firmware.
g) Insert the flash drive with firmware into the phone through the OTG adapter.
h) Turn off our phone.
i) We flash the phone using the three-button method, that is, on the phone off, you need to hold both volume buttons (+ and -) and the power button at the same time and hold all three buttons.
g) As soon as the screen lights up, release the power button.
k) As soon as the firmware starts, release the remaining buttons.
k) We are waiting for the completion of the firmware installation process.
m) Next, we act in accordance with this instruction starting from point 16)

Connect to a home Wi-fi network, distribute from a mobile device or connect to public networks of the KFS, McDonalds and so on may not work!
_______________________________ The

Safe Mode method also works on the following devices:

Honor 9 (SFT-L09) – EMUI
Honor 9 Lite (LLD-L31) EMUI and
Honor 7x (BND-L21)
Honor 10 Lite ( exactly works on firmware

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