Power Security-AntiVirus Clean

Free Power Security-AntiVirus Clean for APK

Power Security is a free antivirus application to clean viruses and malware.

It is increasingly necessary to have an antivirus installed on our Android mobile devices. Many are those who say that there is no virus for Android, but certainly prevention is better than regret afterwards.

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean

To solve this problem we can use apps such as Power Security-AntiVirus Clean that has a large number of options:
– Antivirus: Performs scans on demand of your entire mobile device and eliminates all types of viruses, malware and spyware.
– Real-time protection: The analysis in time is fundamental in any antivirus that wants to anticipate a possible infection.
– Security in your Wi-Fi connection: Increase the security of your Wi-Fi network if you connect to unknown networks.
– App Locker: You can block any app to increase the protection of your most sensitive information.
– Junk file cleaner: Clean your mobile device to gain space and speed on your mobile.




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